Candle Burner Modern Design White and gold
Candle Burner Modern Design White and gold
Candela Candles

Candle Burner Modern Design White and gold

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These modern candle warmers are designed to heat your wax from the top with no need for a wick or flame. Designed to add luxury to your home & made in the highest quality including a marble base.
No flame means these are safer to use in your home than the traditional candle. Each candle warmer comes complete with temperature control. You can select from any of the candela candles to suit your warmer.

These candle burners are now ready 🤩

They heat your candle from the top using a special bulb that is adjustable in temperature.
Very safe & suitable for bedrooms, aged care facilities or anywhere you need to safely fragrance your room.

🌺 No more flames 🔥 or black soot

🥀 Awesome fragrance

🌸 Two bulbs in each

🌻 AU plug

🌺 Marble base

🔥 Beautiful lamp

🪷 Candle last 5 times longer

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